iSAM AG, which was founded in 1983 and is based in Mülheim, is a globally active specialist in automation technology.

iSAM’s focus is on technologically sophisticated automation tasks in the industrial sector with the goal of making machine control as intelligent and operator-independent as possible. The company supplies technologies to prepare companies of the “old economy” for the demands of the “new economy”.

iSAM is the first and, at present, only provider to completely automate loading and unloading cranes for bulk cargo handling on the quayside. A key technology, in particular, is the automated detection of ship movements and the automated guidance of the load handling device. With this, iSAM has the building blocks to fully automate a container gantry crane.

At its headquarters in Mülheim, the company employs an interdisciplinary team of about 50 staff members – mostly engineers, physicists and software developers. iSAM also has subsidiaries in core markets in the USA, Australia (Asia) and Canada.