Kombi-Transeuropa Terminal Hamburg (KTH)

Kombi-Transeuropa Terminal Hamburg (KTH) handles rail transshipment for HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA). This makes it the largest container rail terminal in Europe. Its location in Germany's largest port offers ideal opportunities to feed containers into the network of rail operators operating in the port. Four modern rail cranes with rotating trolleys ensure rapid loading/unloading of block trains on nine 700-metre tracks.

The world’s first climate-neutral container terminal

CTA in Hamburg is the world’s first container handling facility to be certified climate-neutral. Primarily it is powered by green electricity, but how do the electrified processes work?

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Technical data

Area: ca. 102.000 m2

Rail-mounted gantry crane: 4

Number of tracks: 9

Track length: 700 m

Contact persons

Patrick Krawutschke

Managing Director

Phone +49 40 3088-8510