Triumph of feint light

After sunset the world’s largest historic warehouse complex is lit in an absolutely distinctive fashion. Light artist Michael Batz has the brick architecture bathed in soft light. The atmospherically illuminated Speicherstadt is shaping the Hamburg cityscape and the driving force behind this illumination is the Licht-Kunst-Speicherstadt club.

The light art project combines art in a public space with the quarter’s unique architecture. More than one thousand spotlights are meanwhile illuminating canal bridges and walls, gables and pinnacles, sloping roofs and winch covers. The illumination of Speicherstadt buildings creates reflections of the elaborate architecture in the canals, conferring a truly special charm on the redbrick ensemble by night. The light artist speaks of a “Triumph of feint light,” that aims to achieve unity between aesthetics, environmental compatibility and commercial viability. “Sustainability and low Energy consumption are important consideration for us,” explains Michael Batz.

“The fine, graphic shadow cast by this novel illumination provides a plastic, stereoscopic image of the building and accents its characteristic style and shape,” says a delighted Batz. “Even using a minimum of energy, we receive a strong reflection of colour. LED technology is becoming standard in Speicherstadt.”

Appealing for new supporters and sponsors

An “investment in Brand Hamburg and an important step in the opening up the quarter for tourism and commerce,” calls it Rainer Nelde, chief executive of Licht-Kunst. These lights shows in urban space emphasize the special maritime flair of the Speicherstadt – that enjoys protected status – in a way that makes a strong public impact.

“Everybody who ever visits Hamburg nowadays is thrilled by the illuminated Speicherstadt. Yet the illumination of the ensemble is not something to be taken for granted, and a light project on this scale does not come cheap,” explains Dr. Roland Lappin, chairman of Licht-Kunst-Speicherstadt. We are appealing for new supporters and sponsors to put a unique piece of Hamburg in an appropriate light!” The society was founded by committed companies and private persons in a joint initiative with the Hamburg government. The non-profit-making project is financed exclusively through subscriptions, contributions in cash and in kind, and sponsorships.

Contact persons

Rainer Nelde

Licht-Kunst-Speicherstadt e.V.

Managing director

Mobile +49 171 6179143

Corinna Freudenberg

Licht-Kunst-Speicherstadt e.V.


Phone +49 40 3088-3537