Miniatur Wunderland

The new main tenant of the L33 storage block is becoming an old acquaintance: the Miniatur Wunderland. The most popular museum in Germany was founded in the opposite block D. In 2000, the construction work began on what is now 7,000 m² of exhibition space, designed by HHLA Immobilien.

The exhibition is far more than the largest model railway in the world with almost 17 kilometers of track. The 270,000 figures and 4,340 buildings form their own worlds that attract millions of visitors every year. In order to continue growing, new exhibition areas in block L33 had to be opened up. The necessary bridge over the fleet is expected to be completed in autumn 2020. As a spectacular connecting element, it should set new accents and harmonize optimally with the architectural ensemble of the Speicherstadt. Of course, all requirements of monument protection are meticulously observed.