Pack- und Servicezentrum

The Pack- und Service-Zentrum at Burchardkai is a full-service provider offering a wide range of services for break bulk and containers in the heart of the Port of Hamburg. The centre has 20,000 square metres of hall space, a separate hazardous goods store and a rail connection at its disposal.

The Burchardkai (CTB) location has a trimodal connection that also serves heavy goods. Using powerful technology, almost all kinds of goods can be handled without a problem. This includes numerous stackers (up to 28 tonnes), two full container reach stackers and modern container gantry cranes with a load capacity of up to 120 tonnes, as well as approximately 100 heavy cargo trailers.

In addition to the usual services, the packing and service centre also facilitates official inspections, un- and repacking (also partial) of container loads, and gassing, degassing and relabelling of hazardous goods containers. Re-lashing containers, handling break-bulk, on-board load-fastening on ocean-going vessels, an inspection service for surveyors and, if required, weighing full containers are also all reliably handled.

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