Ukrainian Intermodal Company (UIC)

UIC aims to be the leading intermodal operator connecting Ukrainian ports to the hinterland. Its reliable, cost efficient and frequent container rail services are customer focused.

In a first stage, the company already started operating a number of weekly block trains between the port of Odessa and key Ukrainian production and consumer centers. These services are based on a fixed schedule and will be gradually expanded in terms of frequency and cities served, in the Ukraine as well as abroad.

UIC is committed to high western European service standards, focused on the requirements of shipping lines and forwarders as core customers. The range of UIC‘s intermodal services include not only the pure rail transport but, depending on customer requirements, can cover the full transport chain. This can include door deliveries as well as services such as storage, stuffing / unstuffing of containers or the arrangement of fully or partially dedicated trains.

Contact persons

Natalia Butenko

Managing Director


Phone +380 50 34545-30

Ekaterina Taranets


Railway / Sales manager

Phone +380 50 40777-13

Natalia Armash


Customer Service Manager

Phone +380 50 24430-06

Igor Mikhailov


Equipment Control Manager

Phone +380 50 01555-18