Climate-friendly transport

With HHLA Pure, transport of goods by rail is climate-neutral throughout Europe. This service convinces customers. An example is the ONE shipping company.

OCEAN NETWORK EXPRESS (ONE), one of the world’s largest container shipping companies, relies on the Hamburg logistics hub.

Intelligent container logistics that are also CO₂-free? HHLA is getting it done! Climate protection is a major concern, and sustainable business practices have long been part of the company's rich tradition. HHLA Pure is a product that meets high demands. HHLA customers can book entirely climate-neutral cargo transport from the terminal facilities at the Port of Hamburg to the European hinterland. How exactly does it work? On the one hand, HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) – which TÜV Nord has certified as climate-neutral – makes it possible. The terminal’s operations are almost fully powered by green electricity. Currently, unavoidable CO₂ emissions must be balanced out by compensation measures. 


However, terminal processes that still cause carbon emissions are gradually being electrified. The e-locomotives that belong to HHLA subsidiary Metrans are supplied by overhead cables, which rounds out the climate-neutral container transport. Together, HHLA and Metrans offer HHLA Pure to their customers. The product optimises all the process steps involved in intelligent container logistics and makes them eco-friendly.


Climate Protection



Sustainability strategy Balanced Logistics

It is our aspiration to combine ecological, social and economic interests in order to make our company future-proof. We underline this with our "Balanced Logistics" sustainability strategy.

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Carbon-neutral transport enables customers to improve their own carbon footprint. They can make an effective contribution towards protecting the climate and also have this confirmed. Where freight transport still results in CO₂ (because, for example, no overhead cables for e-locomotives exist and there is no green electricity), emissions can be offset through HHLA Pure. Compensation is made through certified development projects. The company's commitment to protecting the climate is measurable because the emissions reductions they achieve are reliably documented.


HHLA Pure guarantees customers climate-neutral throughput and transport of their goods to the European hinterland.

Improving the carbon footprint

In order for green logistics to also work across borders, the locomotives are compatible with the power grids of seven neighbouring countries. At the Port of Hamburg itself, the heaviest shunting work is performed by eco-friendly hybrid locomotives. This gives HHLA customers the opportunity to improve their own carbon footprint and to contribute to climate protection. 

Robert Groiss, Business Development Manager, Metrans

Even more customers will be able to use the HHLA Pure product. We are working towards offering climate-neutral transport on additional routes.

Robert Groiss, Business Development Manager, Metrans

This environmentally-focused service impresses HHLA Pure customers including Ocean Network Express (ONE), one of the world’s largest container shipping companies. “Metrans is one of the most important rail providers in Europe and transports a large portion of our hinterland volume,” says Frida Thorberg, ONE spokeswoman. “We are currently using this service, which connects the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Koper with the German and Central Europe region. This has significantly reduced our greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, this is also in line with our company goal of being fully climate-neutral for Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions by 2050.”

For customers, a particularly valuable advantage is that the climate-friendly logistics process is precisely documented and proven. Thorberg sees a distinct benefit in the detailed documentation: “As a global shipping company, we see this as an opportunity to improve our environmental performance by working with environmentally-friendly transport partners in the hinterland. We are convinced by HHLA Pure’s TÜV-certified services because by providing certificates, we can also pass on the environmental performance to other business partners in the value chain. This naturally also benefits our own objective of climate neutrality.”


* The respective (on the different relations) CO2 footprint includes all work steps necessary to provide the service. The calculation of the CO2 footprint takes into account emissions from stationary and mobile combustion (natural gas, diesel) as well as from imported electricity. The CO2 footprint verified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH was offset by Gold Standard compensation projects in accordance with TN-CC 020 Standard. The calculation of the carbon footprint of the HHLA COntainer Termonal Altenwerder takes into account emissions from stationary and mobile combustion (natural gas, diesel), from imported electricity, emissions from commuter traffic and upstream chains of the energy sources used. The carbon footprint verified by TÜV NORD CERT GmbH according to DIN ISO 14064-3:2020 was offset by Gold Standard compensation projects in accordance with TN-CC 020 Standard.


Sustainable logistics: HHLA Pure

With this product, HHLA makes climate-neutral transport and handling available to its customers.

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