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The control centre of a globally scalable drone service that can be integrated into existing processes: HHLA Sky offers the product and complete service, from the conception to design adjustments all the way to employee training, launching operations and maintenance.

HHLA Sky won the German innovation award in 2021 for its technologically outstanding drone control centre. This system control centre makes it possible to carry out company and third-party drone missions beyond the visual line of sight with the highest degree of safety. You can buy the technology, the operating software and related information systems, or rent them as a full-service package.

Sensor-assisted drones used to obtain information or transport drones can be simultaneously deployed in many countries and managed centrally. Most professional applications are supported. At the same time, the control centre devises and records the entire process, from the planning, disposition and flight all the way to providing data in a clear and simple way. It can also be integrated into external management systems for this purpose. The product is fully developed, and HHLA Sky is working closely together with customers.

Contact persons

Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Gronstedt

Managing Director

Mobile +49 171 9704455

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