We are transforming logistics sustainably. As part of this effort, we are planning to introduce new hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy goods vehicles at our terminals.

SWe are therefore decarbonising not only our Hamburg container terminals but also the last mile of container traffic. H2LOAD - Hydrogen Logistics Applications and Distribution - is the precursor to further measures that will be rolled out across Europe

H2LOAD application areas

The H2LOAD project is divided into several application areas.

  1. Purchase and operation of more than 100 hydrogen-powered vehicles, such as heavy goods vehicles, straddle carriers and empty container stackers
  2. Creation of the infrastructure needed for hydrogen power at the different terminals, such as the installation of a refuelling station
  3. Connection of the HHLA terminals to the future Hamburg hydrogen grid

H2LOAD roll-out

Through H2LOAD, we are planning to put over 100 hydrogen-powered vehicles into operation. Supply infrastructure for the vehicles will be installed at the various HHLA terminals in Hamburg. This will allow the vehicles to fuel up directly in order to prevent long idle times. The fuelling stations will also be made available for external vehicles to use. By the mid-2020s, the infrastructure will be connected to the Hamburg hydrogen grid to better balance available and required energy.

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