Stable grid due to AGVs

The FRESH research project has begun at the world’s first container handling facility to be certified climate-neutral, HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA). The battery capacities of the automated guided container transport vehicles (AGVs) are to be integrated into the German energy network as flexible storage units and contribute to the grid stability of the power supply.

One of the greatest challenges of the energy transition is ensuring grid stability. If more solar or wind energy is used, for instance, there could be fluctuations due to differing wind strength or solar radiation levels. These fluctuations must be absorbed to ensure a stable grid frequency.

FRESH can help solve this problem. In partnership with Next Kraftwerke GmbH, one of the largest virtual power plant operators in Europe, HHLA is investigating the extent to which the roughly 100 AGVs at CTA can contribute to grid stability. In less busy times, free AGVs could provide battery capacity with their fast-charging lithium-ion batteries as mobile power stores, helping to guarantee a stable frequency of 50 hertz (Hz) on the power grid.


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