Additional warehouse capacity frees up terminals

For months, ongoing shipping delays have represented a major challenge for HHLA container terminals in Hamburg, and the situation is currently being aggravated by the mishap in the Suez Canal

(Kopie 39)

In order to absorb the high level of capacity utilisation, additional yard and space capacities have been put into operation. For example, HHLA has activated an additional 100,000 square metres of storage space in GVZ Altenwerder for temporary storage of empty and export containers.

Independently of the overall situation – but at just the right moment – HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) recently tapped into nearly 34,000 square metres of additional storage space. The former coal shipping port on the northern side of the CTT was already filled in 2020. Preparation of the area has now also been completed and the space has been available through the IT system since early April. This area expands the CTT container yard by an additional capacity of approximately 2,500 standard containers. Furthermore, three additional automatic storage blocks were put into operation at Burchardkai (CTB) in the first quarter of this year, so that a total of 15 blocks are now available at CTB. Since containers can be stored closer together and stacked higher in these blocks, they contribute to the expansion of storage capacity.