Green electricity significantly reduces Metrans carbon emissions

The conversion to green electricity already underway at HHLA's rail subsidiary Metrans, one of the leading private intermodal businesses in Europe, has led to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. In Germany and Austria, all rail transports were already converted to sustainably generated electricity last year. Even though the transported volumes increased, the maritime transports in the Metrans network between European ports and their hinterland produced about 60 percent less CO2 in 2021.

Metrans also fully offsets the emissions of containers transported on these routes for users of the “HHLA Pure” product. Last year, this corresponded to 912,000 TEU (standard containers) on routes to and from Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Koper, with over 45,000 tonnes of CO2 offset through climate protection projects that meet Gold Standard certification criteria.

Peter Kiss, CEO of the Metrans Group: “Transferring goods from road to rail is a key lever for mitigating climate change. The future belongs to eco-friendly logistics and it is therefore our aim to provide carbon-neutral logistics. With our joint product HHLA Pure, we are coming one step closer to this future every year.”

And Metrans has set its sights even higher: The first electric truck in Hungary went into operation in Budapest in order to cover the “final mile”. Hybrid locomotives have also been in use for years where overhead lines are not available for shunting using electricity. Other electric rail gantry cranes have also been ordered to replace some of the diesel-powered reach stackers. The overarching aim of the HHLA Group is for its production to be climate-neutral by 2040.

The “HHLA Pure” product has been successfully certified by TÜV Nord. Customers can benefit from HHLA Pure transportation by requesting certificates that prove the transportation was carbon-neutral.

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Metrans / Manuel Strauch

Metrans significantly reduces CO2 emissions by using green electricity.

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