HHLA Real Estate welcomes MSC to the Speicherstadt historical warehouse district

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) welcomes MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company as a new tenant in Warehouse Block L at the heart of the Speicherstadt historical warehouse district. Over the last two years, HHLA Real Estate completely restored the building “Am Sandtorkai 31”, which now offers state-of-the-art spaces on six floors where MSC can optimally implement an innovative new work concept for its German headquarters.

Just how compatible landmarked buildings and smart office environments are can be seen behind the warehouse’s 140-year-old red-brick facade: a material mix of stone, steel and glass creates open and flexible spaces. Intelligent conference rooms equipped with the latest technology and “think tanks” offer quiet workspaces, and the sophisticated lighting system creates a pleasant ambience.

HHLA architect Alexandre Rombourg explains the concept: “A lounge is planned for the upper floor, where guests and employees of MSC Germany can enjoy the special atmosphere of the former warehouse. The space is open all the way up to the bottom of the gable so that the new skylights naturally illuminate the room.”

HHLA is delighted to welcome MSC Germany as a new tenant. Michael Fussner, Managing Director of HHLA Real Estate, emphasises: “Shipping company MSC has an impressive corporate history. MSC and HHLA have that in common. We are happy to have jointly developed this property in the Speicherstadt. Furthermore, we are delighted that Block L not only offers an employee-friendly environment to MSC but will also be open to the public.”

For 35 years, MSC Germany’s headquarters was based in the Asia House in Hamburg’s old town. In order to live up to the group’s constant growth and offer the employees a state-of-the-art working environment, the company decided to relocate to new office spaces in the Speicherstadt.

Nils Kahn, Managing Director of MSC Germany, says about the relocation: “By moving offices, we are combining the Speicherstadt’s maritime tradition with the innovative possibilities of a modern and open working space. It is important to us to offer our employees an optimal and healthy working environment, not only to physically experience MSC’s team spirit but also to show that we at MSC Germany continue to develop.”

More highlights were integrated into the building starting on 1 June 2023, for example a fitness studio and restaurant “Vecchio Amore”, which offers Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant and fitness studio are not only open to MSC employees but also to external guests. In the future, interested visitors will be able to take in the atmosphere of the building and learn more about the history and philosophy of family-owned company MSC both here and in the interactive showroom which is now nearing completion.

About HHLA Real Estate

As part of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, HHLA Real Estate is responsible for building management and district development. Founded in 1885 for the construction of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt historical warehouse district, HHLA manages the historically unique collection of red-brick buildings through its Real Estate segment. It has also expanded its portfolio to include the Hamburg fish market and numerous commercial and logistics properties around the port The focus in the Speicherstadt is on careful structural change and the sustainable further development of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. HHLA’s intelligent management of the Speicherstadt has transformed it from what was once the biggest warehouse complex in the world into a vibrant urban district.

Further information can be found at www.hhla.de/speicherstadt

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Alexandre Rombourg

Interior view of the newly designed Block L in Hamburg's Speicherstadt warehouse district

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Interior view of the newly designed Block L in Hamburg's Speicherstadt warehouse district

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