New rail gantry cranes increase performance at METRANS terminals

Three new rail gantry cranes will be deployed this year at the hub terminals of HHLA rail company METRANS. The first will be at the Slovakian terminal in Dunajska Streda, where a fourth rail gantry crane will begin operating on 21 April.

During the course of the year, new equipment will also reinforce the terminals in Budapest (Hungary) and Ceska Trebova (Czech Republic). They will handle containers that arrive by rail or are transhipped onto container trains.

Peter Kiss, CEO of the Metrans Group: “With the new technology, METRANS is preparing for the continued increase in rail transport, especially in the markets in Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria. On the one hand, we are increasing the terminals’ performance – their throughput capacity and their potential to manage higher peak loads. On the other hand, we are also bolstering our entire 19-terminal intermodal network.”

Technical parameters of the rail gantry cranes:

  • Manufacturer: Künz
  • Carrying capacity 37 tonnes
  • Crane travel speed 45–120 m/min
  • Rotating trolley, trolley travel speed 60–100 m/min
  • Lifting speed 18 m/min under full load

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New RMG for the Metrans hub terminal in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia.

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