Port Scouts start exploring again

Numerous fourth-grade pupils will be exploring the Port of Hamburg again starting beginning of April 2024. As part of a one-day excursion, “Port Scouts” first visit the Port Museum and then the Container Terminal Altenwerder of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA). Until summer, a total of 50 school classes will take part in the Port Scout tours.


Every Monday and Thursday, two school classes from different Hamburg districts will visit the Port of Hamburg. On the tour, the pupils learn more about the historical development of the port in a playful way at the Port Museum. They can then directly observe what they have learned about in practice at Container Terminal Altenwerder and find out more about the modern processes of a container terminal.

“The ‘Port Scouts’ educational project is very important to us at HHLA. Our goal is to teach the visiting pupils how incredibly important the Port of Hamburg as the largest German Seaport for the global transportation of goods is, in an entertaining way. Throughout the tour, they get an impressive insight into how everyday products from all over the world end up in our shops and supermarkets,” says Ines Booleke, project manager at Corporate Communications.

HHLA started the Port Scouts project in 2015 in collaboration with the German Port Museum and the Institute for Teaching Training and School Development. Since then, over 10,000 pupils have taken part in the educational tours. HHLA actively oversees the Port Scouts project as part of its sustainability strategy.