25 young women and men are starting their future professions today

Today, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) welcomed the new apprentices and students to its headquarters in Hamburg. This now puts the total number of young trainees in the company at 90.

Head of HR Development Clarissa Gross says: “HHLA offers training and degree programmes in line with demand for which we see future prospects within the company. We place great importance on helping our employees develop the competencies that our company will likely need in the future in order to be successful on the market. The personnel development team is delighted to accompany the apprentices and students along their careers at HHLA and to support their professional development.”

This morning, a new stage of life began for 25 young people at HHLA. Over the coming years, the seven women and 18 men will complete practical training in HHLA’s various facilities and departments as well as its domestic and foreign subsidiaries. Three of the junior employees will complete their apprenticeship mainly at HHLA’s subsidiaries Container-Transport-Dienst (CTD), Metrans Rail Deutschland and FMH Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona. A total of seven young women and men are starting their technical traineeship as mechatronics engineers at HHLA today. In the future, their expertise will help to maintain and repair the high-performance and partially automated handling equipment at HHLA’s container terminals in Hamburg, thus making a great contribution towards ensuring efficient handling. In addition to the technical area, HHLA also offers commercial apprenticeships, for example as a specialist in digitalisation management. When it comes to dual study course students, HHLA clearly focuses on study programmes in the areas of mathematics, IT, science and technology, such as Computer Engineering, Electrical and IT Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

The introductory weeks are designed to ensure a successful start and to promote networking within the class and with the training staff. During the first few days, the new trainees and students will become familiar with the port via boat and bus, gain an overview of the numerous trainee and student projects and receive comprehensive practical information on topics such as invoicing, pension schemes and the Deutschlandticket for public transport. By mid-August they will be familiar with the various areas of HHLA and will subsequently take on their first practical tasks.

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HHLA/Susanne Schmitt

Start of training for 25 new apprentices and students at HHLA.

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