App facilitates tank container cleaning

HHLA has taken part in a hackathon for the first time – and enjoyed immediate success. A hackathon (from the words “hack” and “marathon”) is a collaborative event where software and hardware applications are developed by teams. At the event organised by IBM in Hamburg, more than 40 participants (hackers in the positive sense of the word) searched for digital solutions for various operational process challenges. HHLA submitted two challenges relating to tank container cleaning at its subsidiary HCCR.

The tasks were presented by Toni Jakat, Head of Sales at HCCR, and attracted great interest from the participants. The hackers spent two days working on and programming solutions. “Thanks to their excellent efforts, the participants developed not just a concept but also the prototype for an app that promises to significantly facilitate tank container cleaning,” says Jakat.

The team that developed the app won the hackathon prize for the best innovation. Jan Bovermann, who as Head of HHLA Corporate Development is in charge of digitisation, was very pleased with this success: “To have won a prize the first time we took part in a hackathon is a strong argument for using initiatives such as these to implement HHLA’s digital strategy. It shows that HHLA can be successful in agile structures and with digital concepts.”