Hartmut Wolberg Heads up Hamburg’s Largest Multi-Purpose Terminal UNIKAI

Since 1 January 2017, Hartmut Wolberg has been the new Managing Director of UNIKAI Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft, in which Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) holds a 51 percent stake. The remaining 49 percent is held by Grimaldi Compagnia di Navigazione SPA, which is headquartered in Naples. UNIKAI is the largest multi-purpose terminal in the Port of Hamburg. Wolberg succeeds Michael Sieck, who stepped down from management as of 31 December 2016.

Hartmut Wolberg (49) was born in Hamburg, where he studied Geography, Business Administration and Economics, as well as Politics. Between 1996 and 2011, he worked at the DHL Group, initially at DHL Express in Frankfurt, before taking on various positions of responsibility in the area of automotive logistics in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From 2011, he was Managing Director of the J. Müller general cargo terminal in Brake, Lower Saxony. In July 2016, Wolberg was appointed to the management of UNIKAI and has since been familiarising himself with his new area of responsibility. As planned, Wolberg has now taken on the role of Managing Director as of 1 January. “I am looking forward to the challenge of guiding the company successfully into the future in what are times of upheaval,” he says.

The former Managing Director, Michael Sieck (61), who joined UNIKAI on 1 April 1979, has worked for the company for almost 40 years and positioned the current joint venture between HHLA and Grimaldi so that it is viable for the future. He will continue to support UNIKAI in an advisory capacity until 30 June 2017 before going into retirement.