HHLA Slightly Exceeds Forecast Operating Result (EBIT)

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) has slightly exceeded the forecast operating result (EBIT) for the 2016 financial year. Compared to the same period in the previous year, the company reported strong volume growth in the Container segment in the second half of the year. This could compensate for the modest business performance during the first six months of 2016.

According to preliminary unaudited figures, HHLA recorded Group revenue of approximately € 1.2 billion (previous year: € 1.1 billion) and a Group operating result (EBIT) of approximately € 163 million (previous year: € 157 million). While revenue rose slightly year-on-year by approximately 3 percent, EBIT saw moderate growth of approximately 5 percent.

The Port Logistics subgroup, the company’s listed core business, generated revenue of approximately € 1.1 billion (previous year: € 1.1 billion) and an operating result (EBIT) of approximately € 147 million (previous year: € 141 million).

Container throughput grew slightly year-on-year by 1.5 percent to 6.7 million standard containers (TEU). While the Hamburg container terminals recorded a 1.1 percent rise in container throughput of 6.4 million TEU due to increases in volume in the second half of the year, container throughput at Container Terminal Odessa grew significantly by 10.6 percent to 0.3 million TEU.

The container transport activities of HHLA’s Intermodal companies continued to develop very successfully. With 1.4 million TEU, the previous year’s volume was exceeded by 6.8 percent. Compared to the previous year, HHLA’s rail companies in particular were able to increase their transport volume by 8.0 percent to 1.1 million TEU. Road transport also recorded a slight increase of 2.9 percent on the previous year.

The HHLA Executive Board will present the final results for the 2016 financial year during the press conference and analyst conference on 30 March, and will also be providing a guidance for the 2017 financial year.