Metrans: Now with Even More Pulling Power

HHLA’s intermodal subsidiary Metrans has ordered ten more TRAXX multi-system locomotives from the manufacturer Bombardier so it can move more trains with its own locomotives. At present, 50 mainline locomotives owned by the company are in transit in the European Metrans network, supported by 17 shunters.

The HHLA intermodal subsidiary Metrans not only has its own terminals in the hinterland but is also fortifying its own traction fleet. This means that more and more Metrans locomotives are pulling container trains through Europe. Metrans will pursue this successful strategy by adding ten further locomotives to its fleet, beginning in the first quarter of 2018.

Peter Kiss, Executive Board member of the Metrans group: “With more of our own locomotives at our disposal, we can do an even better job of managing the transport process. This will allow us to be more reliable, to be more flexible in response to the requests of our customers and to offer new services. Next year, we will be looking to accomplish this goal mainly in Poland, where Metrans is taking over from the HHLA subsidiary Polzug.”

The locomotives are Bombardier TRAXX F140MS models (class 186). The “F” stands for “freight”, “140” stands for the model’s maximum speed and “MS” stands for “multi-system”. The locomotives are constructed to deal with the different tensioning and train control systems in place across Europe.