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"transport logistic" is the leading international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. It took place in Munich from 9 to 12 May 2023. Among the leading logistics companies, HHLA naturally also presented itself, at the "Gateway Hamburg" joint stand.

From 9 to 12 May 2023, HHLA CEO Angela Titzrath welcomed guests to the stand, including Hamburg's Senator for Economics and Innovation Dr Melanie Leonhard.
Georg Böttner, Head of Hydrogen Projects at HHLA, with his business talk "Fueling the future: The impact of hydrogen on the logistics industry".
The atmosphere at the "Gateway Hamburg" stand was splendid.
Hartmut Beyer, Associate Partner of HHLA subsidiary HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, with the business talk "Promoting sustainability in the port through public co-financing".
Federal Transport Minister Dr Volker Wissing is received by Jens Hansen, member of the HHLA Executive Board.
Andres Uusoja, Chief Commercial Officer at HHLA TK Estonia, with the business talk "From Tallinn to Trieste: The link between Northern and Southern Europe".
On the left in the picture Tobias Hoffmann, Director ICC & Robotics of HHLA Sky with the Business Talk "Robotics and Drones in the Logistics Industry", moderated by Christian Lorenz.
"How to Wende - Digital meets Sustain" was the topic of the panel discussion with Simone Lode (second from left in picture) Managing Director of HHLA Next.
Sven Daniels, Partner at HHLA subsidiary HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, with the business talk "The value of data: How BI and AI are changing the way we look at our business".
Martina Piccini, Commercial and Sales Managerin von HHLA PLT Italy, mit dem Business Talk "Connecting the Mediterranean".
HHLA Executive Board members Torben Seebold, Angela Titzrath and Jens Hansen are delighted with the lively response from visitors to the stand.
Bernd Mann, Managing Director of the HHLA subsidiary iSAM, with the business talk "Autonomous intermodal operations - First train handling RMG at Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg".
Riia Sillave, CEO of HHLA TK Estonia, with the Business Talk "The Digital Terminal".
"Resilience of global supply chains" was the topic of discussion between Angela Titzrath (HHLA Chairwoman of the Executive Board) and Sebastian Reimann (DVZ Editor-in-Chief).
Frank Busse, partner at HHLA subsidiary HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, with the business talk "Logistics on the move - revitalising the Middle Corridor".
In a good humour on all four days of the fair: the stand attendants who took care of the smooth running of the fair.
Hendrik-Emmanuel Eichentopf, Managing Director of HHLA subsidiary modility, with the business talk "Green port to door transport: Getting instant access to rail freight".
Food and drinks were also provided.
Jan Hendrik Pietsch, Head of Corporate Sustainability, with the Business Talk "Shaping the shift to sustainable logistics".
Gerald Hirt, Managing Director of our joint venture HVCC, with the business talk "HVCC Digitisation of just-in-time arrival: Contributing to IMO de-carbonisation initiatives".

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