Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG is a leading European port and transport logistics company. HHLA operates highly productive container terminals in the ports of Hamburg and Odessa. The intermodal companies of HHLA provide efficient transport systems and operate their own terminals in the hinterland of the ports. The Logistics segment comprises an extensive array of port and consultancy services. HHLA Immobilien shapes urban structural change.




Efficient Container terminals ensure the efficiency of the Port of Hamburg as a logistics hub. Besides its three Hamburg-based terminals, HHLA also operates a terminal in Odessa (Ukraine).



HHLA’s intermodal companies offer a network with their own terminals and high-performance container transportation. They connect ports on the North and Baltic seas with the Central and Eastern Europe hinterland. 



HHLA’s companies provide a wide range of services for the all-purpose port, and successfully share their knowledge around the world as consultants.


Real Estate

HHLA was founded in 1885 to build and manage the Speicherstadt district. Today, the company aims to develop important urban districts for structural change and to sustainably run them.


Port and Logistics Glossary

Want to know what a straddle carrier transports or which ports belong to the Hamburg-Antwerp Range? Then take a look at our glossary!