Our Suppliers

HHLA trades in a technologically demanding and commercially very dynamic field. In global competition our performance and our service convince, with cutting-edge qualities like speed, responsibility, quality and safety and security – all of course at competitive rates. These competitive skills depend heavily on the performance and innovative skills of our suppliers as well as the quality of their performance and products.

The strategic involvement of our suppliers as partners in the development of products, plant and equipment and processes has great significance in this. That is why HHLA purchasing has developed consequential supplier management, checking and evaluating suppliers regularly, with respect to the following criteria, reliability, quality, innovation skills, flexibility, and cost structure. With the best from each field we build a long-term, fair business relationship.

Together with our partners we develop many new products, modify and improve existing solutions. This close cooperation with HHLA has the advantage for our suppliers that, they can establish special technical solutions and further develop products with a reference customer respected in the worldwide market.

Suppliers with interesting technical solutions and a new service concept are always welcome at HHLA. Would you like to become an accredited HHLA partner? To do so, register for the HHLA Supplier Portal and qualify for inclusion in our supplier pool.