Ecology Measures

Environmental protection and careful use of natural resources enjoy special status within HHLA’s sustainability strategy. Terminals near cities need to be planned and run with the environment especially in mind. Organizing eco-efficient transport chains, climate protection, area optimization and nature protection are central issues in ecological sustainability.  HHLA and twelve subsidiaries are environmental partners of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. HHLA is one of fifteen large companies from Hamburg which have signed an agreement to further reduce CO2 emissions by investing into efficient processes. The aim of the signing companies is an annual reduction of 150.000 tons of CO2 since 2018 onwards.

/ Exemplary Projects

Electric power replaces diesel oil

HHLA aims for a 30 per cent reduction in specific CO2 emissions by using electric-powered mobility towards achieving a low-emission terminal.


Raising energy efficiency

By implementing climate-friendly technology HHLA is one of the most innovative companies in port logistics. Examples range from energy efficient straddle carriers to optimizing processes using multiple loads. 


Less sealed ground

Intelligent concepts facilitate continuous increase in efficient use of land. The capacity of a facility can grow considerably without using new land.

/ Further measures

At a glance

Here you can find an overview of further measures contributing to caring for natural resources and reducing emissions.