Measures on the subject of economy

Economic sustainability involves making a sustained contribution to the good of society. All stakeholders should profit from HHLA’s activities. A sound financial basis is the fundamental requirement for the group’s viability in future.

/ Exemplary projects

Speicherstadt Named World Heritage

The Hamburg Speicherstadt, which HHLA built and developed into a vibrant quarter, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Added value for prosperity

Between 2014 and 2018 HHLA’s accumulated added value totalled more than 3 billion euros. The Group thus made a substantial contribution to the prosperity of society.


Certificated quality

To render the performance of HHLA Terminals transparent for customers, CTA and CTT have been recertified by Germanischer Lloyd under the Container Terminal Quality Indicator (CTQI).



HHLA regards observation of all legal regulations and guidelines as a vital part of its corporate governance and has initiated a compliance programme for this. 

/ Additional measures

Sustainable cooperation with suppliers

With an annual purchasing volume running into a three-digit million euro sum, cooperation with suppliers is seen as a top priority. Maintenance of social standards, environment legislation and all the relevant laws and regulations is regulated by our purchasing conditions and agreements. A survey of suppliers on sustainability-relevant topics also reinforces awareness among our suppliers of sustainable company management.