If sustainability is to be successfully managed, it needs to be a concept central to corporate culture and embedded in group organization.  


Sustainability management

Sustainability-relevant themes belong to the Chairperson of the Executive Board’s portfolio. She is supported throughout the Group by the Corporate Sustainability Manager. In all subsidiaries, managers are specifically allocated responsibility for the three areas of sustainability (ecology, economy and social).  


Expanded sustainability council

The expanded Sustainability Council is HHLA Group’s central sustainability working party. It is here that the programme of work is drafted and agreed, measures and key figures scrutinized and discussed, and decisions reached on new topics and initiatives. The expanded Sustainability Council consists of HHLA Group senior managers.  


Sustainability council

The Sustainability Council forms HHLA Group’s central steering committee for sustainability. It consists of Angela Titzrath, Chairwoman of the HHLA Executive Board, Professor Dr. Stefan Schaltegger of Leuphana University Lüneburg, and senior managers of HHLA Group. Fundamental issues of HHLA’s sustainability strategy are discussed here. Goals are examined and laid down and assessments formed of key figures.    


Involvement of all staff members

So that the fundamentals of Group strategy on sustainability are accessible to all HHLA staff, in addition to a comprehensive range of information on Intranet, print material is also available on sustainability topics. A competition for ideas on climate protection produced around 300 ideas on further energy efficiency. Among these were the introduction of a commuter portal for staff and drive optimization for straddle carriers. Yet small hints also count. The following slogan is found on elevators, for example: "CTB is running! Why not take the stairs for once?"