Social responsibility measures

The Port of Hamburg acquired a fine reputation because motivated staff have mastered the technology and the processes. HHLA had already contributed to that by founding a Quay Trade School in 1927 and has been continually committed to excellence in vocational and further training. Moreover, the Group also sets standards for optimal, safe working conditions and progressive tariff agreements.
The company’s involvement also covers imparting knowledge of ports logistics, among other subjects. HHLA therefore supports and initiates a number of projects, ranging from coach tours to the Speicherstadt Museum.

/ Exemplary projects

Health, safety and responsibility

Work continues throughout the year at HHLA’s terminals, 24/7 in shift operation, whatever the weather outdoors. That entails special challenges for health and safety at the workplace.


New start for disadvantaged

With its NEUSTART initiative, the Hamburg Vocational Training Centre (HAZ) gives socially disadvantaged young people opportunities for training and a regular working life. HHLA has supported HAZ since 1978.


Coach tour to the giant port sites

In close cooperation with HHLA the coach operator Jasper offers various tours of the port. Around 50,000 visitors a year take up this unique opportunity to see operations at close quarters.