Health & safety management

Work at HHLA’s terminals continues the whole year, with operations only at a standstill on five "Port public holidays". "Round the clock", or 24/7, involves a seven-day week on continuous shift work, in all weathers. That presents really special challenges for the protection of health & safety at work.

HHLA staff are rightly proud of its comprehensive health & safety management. This is based on careful planning and continuous improvement, with outside companies receiving detailed instructions about safety standards at HHLA facilities. Various HHLA companies have already received awards, with the Group’s service centers at Burchardkai and Altenwerder (SCB and SCA), for instance, already awarded a Certificate for “Exemplary achievements in health and safety at work”. selected by the Hamburg Office of Occupational Health & Safety. Just how strongly HHLA employees are committed to health & safety at work is shown by the “Container clasp” for securing container doors. If these need to be opened, this HHLA invention prevents cargo tumbling out.

Another example is the cutting-edge Safety Information Center opened at HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder. This presents daily updated safety-relevant facts on large flat screens, since the shipboard working area differs in terms of accident risks and threats from ship to ship. Among these are the risks of tripping, for example, or of stumbling and even of falling. For every ship, therefore, these are documented in a flyer on dangers with relevant photos and brief descriptions, all of these retained in a database. So all members of staff are briefed on the risks before setting foot on the ship involved. In sum, this led to a positive trend: between 2007 and 2009 the number of accidents at work at HHLA fell by almost half.