Haulage companies and truck drivers

Please find out about the procedures at our terminals before your journey. To do so, we are providing you here with information, maps and brochures.

/ 28.01.2019
Hamburg's first hybrid straddle carriers
New energy-saving, low-emission technology: two straddle carriers with environmentally friendly hybrid engines are now transporting containers at CTT.
/ 22.01.2019
Expansion of the rail terminal at CTB
Two extra tracks and two new rail gantry cranes increase environmentally-friendly rail transport capacities.
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Changes within Truck Handling

Some processes at Hamburg’s HHLA Terminals have been modified. Please inform yourself!


Roadway plans for the terminals

The plans provide information on driving in the HHLA container terminals and on the stations there.


Principles of fair booking

Please note the following principles. This opens up corresponding slots to other parties.


Slot booking

A slot must always be booked at the terminal for every container transport. It makes it easier for all those involved to plan their traffic.



HHLA container terminals have introduced a obligatory pre-announcement for truck visits via TR02. How does it work?