Haulage companies and truck drivers

Please find out about the procedures at our terminals before your journey. To do so, we are providing you here with information, maps and brochures.

/ 15.05.2017
First 20,000 TEU Containership at CTB
MOL TRIUMPH, one of the biggest containerships in the world, made fast in Hamburg at CTB.
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Handling Times during holiday period

Get informed on the truck handling times at the HHLA Container Terminals during the spring holiday period.


Roadway plans for the terminals

The plans provide information on driving in the HHLA container terminals and on the stations there.


Pre-announcement for trucks required

HHLA has introduced a obligatory pre-announcement for truck visits at its container terminals.


Pre-announcement FAQ

We provide answers to the frequently asked questions surrounding the obligatory pre-announcement.


Slot booking

The slot-booking process helps to prevent bottlenecks by making it easier for all those involved to plan the volume of traffic.


How do I use TR02?

Truck drivers and haulage companies exchange transport data with the terminals via the TR02 data interface. How does it work?