Haulage companies and truck drivers

Please find out about the procedures at our terminals before your journey. To do so, we are providing you here with information, maps and brochures.

/ 30.10.2017
New Services for Tank Containers in Hamburg
HCCR and CONDACO combine their expertise in repairs, depot services and the cleaning of tank containers.
/ 17.10.2017
Mandatory Slot-Booking From 29 November
Starting on 29 November 2017, the Hamburg container terminals will only be handling trucks that have booked a valid slot.
/ Further details

Roadway plans for the terminals

The plans provide information on driving in the HHLA container terminals and on the stations there.


Slot booking

A In the near future, a slot must always be booked at the terminal for every container transport. It makes it easier for all those involved to plan their traffic.



HHLA container terminals have introduced a obligatory pre-announcement for truck visits via TR02. How does it work?


Faster Handling via App

With the introduction of the driver app, CTD has cemented its reputation as a pioneer in digital process optimisation.