Female power in the workshop

How Anita Hensen, a craftswoman at the SCB Service Center Burchardkai, repairs container gantry cranes with a steady hand at a height of 80 metres.

Lights, warning signals and motors - virtually everything electrical that drives the movements of a container gantry crane is repaired by Anita Hensen from the SCB Service Center Burchardkai. Nothing works at the terminal without the large equipment workshop. Around 200 commercial employees maintain and repair all the machines used on the facility - either in the workshop or directly on site. Anita Hensen especially needs strong nerves and steady hands when she checks circuits at heights of up to more than 80 metres to find and replace defective equipment parts.

"I've always had a soft spot for craftsmanship," says Anita Hensen, who ventured into a supposedly male domain simply by choosing her profession. Today's large appliance craftswoman was already the only woman in the team when she was training as an energy system electronics technician. The craftswoman finds this completely normal: "In every company, new employees have to get used to a new team, women as well as men."

She feels really at home in the SCB team and therefore immediately seized the opportunity to take advantage of a HHLA qualification offensive for further training. "I'm getting fit for the future," says Anita Hensen. She trained to become a "Help Desk Technician" and successfully completed the course. This knowledge is necessary for the increasing digital networking of container gantry cranes.

In the past, colleagues first reported technical difficulties to the workshop by radio. These problems were then investigated by the technicians on site at the unit. Today, the large units are connected to a computer network, so the craftswoman can read out even the smallest error messages digitally on the PC and fix them before a real breakdown occurs. Hensen is already looking forward to it: "If these networks between the large-scale units are used more intensively, then I will be optimally equipped thanks to my further training."