HHLA’s Corporate MBA Programme goes digital

Strengthening the leadership competency and creative power of talented employees is the goal of the inaugural HHLA MBA study course. To achieve this goal, Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is tailoring the Leadership and Supply Chain Management Master’s programme to HHLA’s company-specific strategic and cultural challenges. Due to the ongoing coronavirus protection measures, the welcome event and the initial four-day block seminar took place online both.   


Julia Metslov, Head of Customer Service at HHLA TK Estonia

“We are living in a time of change – not only with respect to the coronavirus pandemic. We currently find ourselves on a very exciting path towards developing our company into a better, more modern and international HHLA,” said HHLA Labour Director Torben Seebold in his greeting at the video conference organised by the KLU. Addressing the twelve MBA students on the company’s wishes and expectations regarding this internal training course, he said: “Following your successful completion of the course, you will contribute to the strengthening of HHLA’s future viability.” Seebold said he expected the participants to provide an impetus for closer integration and internationalisation as well as for expansion of the business model.

Six female employees and six male employees from three countries are taking part in the programme, which is conducted in English and lasts one and a half years. The HHLA Labour Director emphasised the 50 percent ratio of women MBA students, describing it as a good step forward. He congratulated all those who made it through the demanding application process. Among the students are employees of Hamburg container terminals CTA and CTB, the port facilities in Muuga/Tallinn and Odessa, and the subsidiaries HHLA International GmbH, HCCR, HPC and various areas of Holding.

Three participants explain why they decided on the HHLA Corporate Master’s study course:

Julia Metslov, Head of Customer Service at HHLA TK Estonia:

“I have been in charge of customer service at the Estonian HHLA subsidiary since September 2019. With my participation in the MBA programme and its strong focus on modern management, I want to become an especially good supervisor to my team and improve our work processes.” 

Toni Jakat, Head of Sales at HCCR

“I like the idea that after 135 years, HHLA is still a start-up. I would like to contribute to the acceleration of networking at HHLA – also at an international level – and the promotion of cultural change. I think the MBA programme provides a wonderful framework for this.” 

Theresa Kummerow, Strategic Project Manager at HHLA International GmbH:

“I really wanted to continue my education in the direction of international management. The HHLA Corporate MBA Programme came as if on cue: exciting content, a renowned university, distinguished professors and, as a special bonus, support from HHLA and the opportunity for increased internal networking.”