Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona

Fischmarkt Hamburg-Altona (FMH) operates a unique trading and commercial centre at one of the most interesting locations in Hamburg. Some 2,000 employees work here at more than 120 companies. The fishing industry with its major marketplace and long tradition is being joined by various service companies, a diverse range of restaurants and eateries as well as retailers targeting quality-conscious consumers. As a skilled service provider specialising in real estate, seafood, storage and processing, FMH provides space for ideas and an environment whose original character is being carefully maintained.

Contact persons

Michael Fussner

Managing Director

Commercial Managing Director

Phone +49 40 3088-7800

Rainer Schluff

Managing Director

Technical Managing Director

Phone +49 40 3088-7800

Petra Voß

Assistant to the Board

Phone +49 40 3088-7800

Thomas Hachmeister


Head of Renting

Phone +49 40 3088-7840

Thomas Krzesinski


Head of Technical Facility Management

Phone +49 40 3088-7890

Sven Prüfer

Fish processing, fish trade

Head of Operations Seafood Service

Phone +49 40 3088-7842