Floating Cranes

HHLA’s two floating cranes take care for project cargo and break bulk weighing, and this not only in the Port of Hamburg, where the floating cranes are available everywhere at a minimum of notice. You find them all down the Lower Elbe to Brunsbüttel. The floating cranes go into action wherever the objects cannot be loaded by container gantry cranes or other shore-based equipment because of their size and/or weight. The individual cranes can heave loads of 100 and 200 tons, respectively, or also transport them by water.

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Contact persons

Stephan Fröhlich

Head of floating crane department

Phone +49 40 3088-4396

Mobile +49 176 30884396

Marius Arazny

Deputy of floating crane department

Phone +49 40 3088-4460

Mobile +49 171 4161696