The Hamburger Container- und Chassis-Reparatur-Gesellschaft (HCCR) is the expert in the field of Maintenance and Repair (M&R) related container services. The portfolio includes common depot services such as inspection, repairs and container cleaning. The company manufactures special steel structures and advises on the implementation of customer requirements. The trade with steel boxes of all kinds is also part of the range of services.

As one of the leading service providers for refrigeration-systems in the Port of Hamburg, HCCR offers comprehensive expertise in the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems in reefers, commercial buildings, port handling equipment and car air-conditioning. The company is an authorised distributor of refrigeration units and replacement parts for the manufacturers Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin and Star Cool. More than 240 PTI-stands are available for a fast turnaround as well as preparation of reefer-containers and petrol operated gensets. Moreover HCCR covers the full range of tank-container and tank-trailer cleaning and repairing services.

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Contact persons

Jens Gutsch

Managing Director

Phone +49 40 74005-110

Katharina Araujo Gomes

Secretariat of the management

Phone +49 40 74005-115

Carsten Dolland

Head of Human Resources

Phone +49 40 74005-114

Mathias Wulf

Head of Finance

Phone +49 40 74005-219

Sandro Steimann


Container Trading

Phone +49 40 74005-182

Karsten Röhl


Tank cleaning

Phone +49 40 74005-742

Kristian Peters


Master of cooling system construction

Phone +49 40 74005-173

Kai Torben Glimm


Master of cooling system construction

Phone +49 40 3088-8995