HHLA TK Estonia

HHLA TK Estonia operates near the capital city of Tallinn at Muuga Harbour, one of the most important multi-function terminals in Estonia. As the market leader in container throughput in Estonia, the company handles general, bulk and RoRo cargo at seven quay walls. It also offers a number of different yard services and container repairs.

Muuga is one of the most important Estonian cargo ports and is located in a free trade zone. As a logisitics hub in the Baltic region, Muuga is also particularly significant for transit traffic. The terminal is directly connected to the broad-gauge rail network and serves daily RoRo liner shipping to Helsinki.

A special ship journey

They used to operate in the Port of Hamburg, and now they’re among the largest container gantry cranes in the Baltic. How did they get to Estonia? The video shows the transhipment and ship journey the 73-metre cranes took across the Baltic Sea.


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