Tollerort Optimised for Mega-ships

The largest container ships can reach the HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) more easily and will be handled by new container gantry cranes.

Container mega-ships have been able to reach the HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort (CTT) more easily after the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) expanded the turning circle in the outer port. This involved removing a four-hectare promontory from in front of the CTT and shifting one million cubic metres of earth. In addition to the ultra large container vessels that are handled at the CTT, ships that want to call at Blohm+Voss or cruise ships docking at Cruise Center III will also benefit from the expansion.

“By enlarging the turning circle, 400-metre-long ships can now call at Tollerort – the previous limit was 366 metres. In addition, the tide window has been opened further, which significantly improves the accessibility of the CTT, both from a nautical and time perspective. Our customers benefit from these two aspects just as much as we do”, said the CTT’s Managing Director, Dr. Thomas Koch. 


A large part of the excavated material that resulted from capping the northern tip of Tollerort was used to fill the remainder of the Kohlenschiffhafen. This provides both the Köhlbrandhöft waste water treatment plant and the CTT with additional space.

Additionally, five new identical mega-ship gantry cranes have gone into operation. They are ready to handle vessels with a capacity of more than 20,000 TEU with a jib length of 74 m and a lifting height of 51.5 m above the quay wall. They are designed for container ships with 24 transverse container rows and can discharge and load two 20-foot containers simultaneously when operating in twin mode. The increased lifting height of the gantry cranes enables them to handle up to nine containers placed on top of one another on deck. Each container gantry crane weighs 1,500 tonnes and can handle a maximum payload of 63 tonnes. Unlike other container gantry cranes, the new gantry cranes at CTT have lattice jibs, giving them a comparatively low overall weight and making them optimally suited to the requirements of berth 5 at CTT.