European Customs Seaport Hamburg

In Hamburg, handling in line with customs law is carried out according to the regulations for customs seaports. The information on this page should help to ensure that your customs handling runs smoothly and without issue.

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/ 22.05.2019
The era of diesel AGVs at the CTA is at an end, and the port museum is glad to have a decommissioned model.
/ 15.05.2019
HHLA Executive Board member Hansen leads DAKOSY Supervisory Board
HHLA Executive Board member Hansen is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board at DAKOSY, a data communication company in Hamburg.
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Customs in the port

We have compiled a few tips on opening or completing the transit procedure in the port area and for the Customs checks.


Download Documents

Download some important documents regarding the european customs seaport.


IMP streamlines processes

The Import Message Platform (IMP) makes it possible: those involved in the transport chain will be kept better informed.