Customs in the port

From 1 January 2013 you will no longer be stopped automatically by the Customs as you leave the port area, as has happened in the days of the Freeport. Non-observance of these Customs rules involves the risk that you personally will be made responsible for any “Customs debt”. Please bear that in mind!

Customs officials are available on the spot for the opening or ending of the transit procedure at our container terminals at the following times:

  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA)
    Mon 06:00 to Sat 15:00 (throughout)
  • Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB)
    Mon 06:00 to Sat 13:00 (throughout)
  • Container terminal Tollerort (CTT)
    Mon 06:30 to Sat 13:00 (throughout)


Opening or completion of transit procedures is also possible on Customs premises (at Waltershof and Windhukkai, see below). For this, the goods can be transported in temporary custody to the Customs premises and/or to the firms. On completion, temporary custody is to be explained with form HH 0339-E.

At other places, the mobile field service of the Customs needs to be booked. Exceptions are made for any firms in possession of official Customs permission as an “authorized consignor” or “authorized consignee”.



If Customs has decided to conduct an inspection for your container, before collection your customer/dispatcher should contact the container terminal without delay to agree on the essential details. If these checks cannot be made at the delivery address (e.g., CPA, Inspection), before transport to the final recipient you must at all costs drive independently to one of the following Customs Inspection Offices in the port. Transport to the container checking unit or place of inspection can only be provided in the course of temporary storage.

  • Customs Inspection Office Waltershof
    Finkenwerder Strasse 4, 21129 Hamburg,
    Mon 06:00 to Sat 13:00 (throughout)
  • Customs Inspection Office Windhukkai
    Indiastrasse 4, 20457 Hamburg,
    Mon 06:00 to Sat 13:00 (throughout)
    (From 1.1.2013 round-the-clock, i.e. 24/7)