HHLA Pure is reliably climate-neutral

The future of logistics is carbon-free. It is the only way we can harmonise the rise in goods transportation with our climate protection objectives. HHLA Pure is making this future a reality today. By cleverly combining a variety of solutions, we can offer our customers certified climate-neutral container handling processes that offer both environmental and economic benefits.

How can companies both firmly establish climate-­neutral logistics processes within their supply chains and ensure they are documented reliably for their customers? HHLA Pure is the perfect solution! We not only ensure that any carbon dioxide emissions are eliminated or com­pensated at every step in our logistics chains, we also have our ­certificate to prove it. In light of today’s increasing demand for eco-friendly logistics processes, this can be an important factor for our customers when dealing with their business partners and the public.

HHLA Pure provides assurance

What distinguishes true sustainability? Using a resource responsibly to ensure that it remains available long into the future. This applies not only to raw materials, but also to processes such as transportation. Which is why global goods flows are increasingly moving towards eco-friendly solutions. HHLA Pure focuses on ensuring the successful implementation of every process involved in container logistics. We are continuously expanding our package of measures further to ensure that every single customer can improve their carbon footprint with HHLA Pure.

HHLA Pure is sustainable

How can companies take advantage of the diversity within container logistics to reduce their carbon footprint? With HHLA Pure, they have access to a variety of measures designed to improve CO2 efficiency – all from a single source. HHLA Pure combines numerous solutions for the logistics and warehousing processes between seaport and hinterland into a single, powerful ­product. And as HHLA Pure ensures that each element is perfectly tailored to the others, its potential to achieve completely climate-neutral logistics is greater than the sum of its individual innovations.

HHLA Pure combines efficient solutions

Why does our innovative HHLA Pure service have such an impressive history? Because HHLA has always recognised the importance of providing logistics services at the Port of Hamburg that offer customers the best and most efficient solutions available. Throughout HHLA’s eventful history, this value is something that has never changed. Which is why we have developed HHLA Pure: for this age of closely integrated, international goods flows and the highest demand for climate-neutral logistics processes.

HHLA Pure has tradition

How can companies demonstrate, transparently and credibly, that their logistics systems are responsible? By integrating HHLA Pure into their supply chain. Because our certified carbon-neutral container handling process at the Port of Hamburg is both a reflection of our innovative technical solutions and reliable documentation of the emissions reductions we have achieved. HHLA not only optimises the processes at the container terminals themselves, but also offers environmentally-friendly rail transport solutions to take goods on to Eastern and Southern Europe.

HHLA Pure is trusted

Why is HHLA Pure a project set to last? Because it already enables us to provide a compelling response to the kinds of logistics requirements companies will be dealing with more and more in the coming years. HHLA Pure not only focuses on reducing CO2 emissions through an ongoing shift towards environmentally friendly electric vehicles, it also involves continuously reassessing our logistics processes and increasing their efficiency with intelligent measures.

HHLA Pure is the future

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