Principles of fair booking

The earlier you know a binding transport time, the earlier you can book slots and so the smoother the process. Please note the following principles:

  • Only book the container volumes that are actually required for the day in question. Otherwise, this will block handling capacities needed by other haulage companies.
  • Only book once you have scheduled the transportation.
  • Book at least four hours in advance where possible. This is generally enough notice to receive a slot.
  • Use all of your booked slots and avoid cancelling, particularly for time windows that have already started or elapsed.
  • If you do have to cancel, do this early on – a few hours’ notice is best. This opens up the corresponding slots to other parties.

What should be avoided?

  • Cancelling transportation once the time window has already started or elapsed. The terminals record this as a no-show, which may be subject to penalties.