Truck FIT – Fair, intelligent and transparent

The slot-booking process (SBP) that was introduced in 2017 is intended to distribute truck traffic at the terminals more evenly and make calculability easier for all those involved. Though the SBP is used appropriately by many haulage companies, some book considerably more slots than they ultimately need. The slots that are booked but not needed are often not released, which means these capacities expire unused and are not available to other companies. The SBP system is being further developed in order to create fair parameters for all those involved. Truck FIT will start from the 31. January 2022.


The new, simplified fair parameters increase the reliability of the SBP for all.


Booking data is systematically evaluated and the new rules are applied automatically.


Information regarding booking conduct and capacity utilisation in the terminals is provided in a transparent manner.

What’s the same?

Free booking of the desired number of slots in all available time windows remains possible as long as fair booking conduct is followed.

The technical connection via TR02 will not change.

What’s new?

A “no-show quota” will be calculated for every participant in the SBP. This counts how many slots have been booked but not used. If a company repeatedly overbooks slots, temporary measures will take effect.

How is the no-show quota calculated?

  • The no-show quota shows the proportion of slots that were not used. The no-shows are taken in relation to the total sum of booked containers. Every cancellation and every expiration of a slot results in a no-show.


  • The data is transparent and accessible to all via the TruckGate web portal.
  • If a haulage company has a no-show quota that is too high one week, a contingent of bookable slots will be available to it during peak times the following week (6.00 a.m.– 5.59 p.m.).
  • Bookings in off-peak hours (6.00 p.m. – 5.59 a.m.) are still possible.
  • Rebooking and exchanging slots will no longer be possible.

Further details