HHLA History

For more than 130 years, HHLA has actively witnessed Hamburg's rise to become one of the most important hubs in the world economy. Delve into fascinating photos, search through specialist information, or trace HHLA from the building of the Speicherstadt to the stock exchange quoted logistics group.

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Concise history of Burchardkai (CTB)

Follow the steps in the development of one of Europe's largest Container Terminals.


History of the floating cranes

The first HHLA floating cranes were built in 1928. Their successors, built in 1941 and 1957, are still performing heavy-duty tasks.


Speicherstadt Named World Heritage

The Hamburg Speicherstadt, which HHLA built and developed into a vibrant quarter, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Then and Now

In recent decades, the work and technical facilities at the Port of Hamburg have changed tremendously. We have captured this transformation for you in photos from then and now.


A Harbour in Transition

A reportage about the transformation in port work and cargo handling technology at the beginning of the 1970s (colour, 20 minutes).



From the foundation of Hamburger Freihafen-Lagerhaus-Gesellschaft (HFLG) to the first container ship, you will find out about the most important events in HHLA’s history since 1885.


Hamburg Port museum

The Hamburg Port Museum in the historic “50s sheds” sparkles with a huge range of exhibits.