Then and now

In recent decades, working in the Port of Hamburg and its technical facilities have changed tremendously. We have captured this transformation for you in then//now pictures.

If you ar looking for High Resolution pictures, and all other kinds of historic photographs please click the following link.

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Constant Change

The Port of Hamburg is developing in a constant change. See pictures of stevedoring, rail traffic, trucking and shipping.


THE 1930’S

Since the 1930’s, the port facilities have undergone great change, but are however still partly recognizable. Try it out yourself – with the ‘mouse-over effect’.


THE 1970’S

At the beginning of the Seventies a revolution began in the port. We have captured this change for you in ‘Then’ and ‘Today’ pictures.


Twelve highlights from HHLA History

You will find a historic photograph and an appropriate contemporary one for each decade of HHLA’s existence. Together, they record a story of exemplary achievement.