Ulrich Stein Spedition is a fruit logistics company, equally specialized and successful, mainly as a tropical fruit importer. The most frequent fruit is the banana but the firm’s extensive know-how ensures that fruit of all kinds reaches the customer in excellent condition. Ulrich Stein Spedition is extremely familiar with the multiplicity of Customs regulations and the special agencies responsible for plant protection or the condition of the goods or bio-certificates. The fruit logistics experts use specially developed software that gives them total control of the handling process at every stage.

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/ 01.12.2019
HHLA aims to become climate neutral by 2040
HHLA will intensify sustainability efforts. CTA in Hamburg is the first container terminal in the world to be certified climate neutral.
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What does AEO give the customer?

What does AEO mean. Which different types are there and what are they good for. Axel Hoeckrich from Ulrich Stein GmbH tells you.


A Vision for success

The first fruit forwarder at the port, Ulrich Stein, has provided a full range of services – from the quayside to the customer – since 1952.