The six pillars

Which data makes up the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for a ship?

The data sources from which the HVCC derives the traffic conditions are classified in six pillars.

  1. 50,000 entries with position data of ships from marine areas in Northern Europe per minute. The first signal arrives as soon as a ship crosses the Strait of Gibraltar.
  2. Planning data of shipping companies in the form of “long-term timetables” for the next three to six months and “short-term shore schedules” starting from the Suez Canal.
  3. Environmental data such as weather and tide forecasts.
  4. Data exchange on the departure and arrival of ships including the previous and following ports (e.g. Rotterdam and Le Havre).
  5. Information from the DV Elbe System of the Hamburg Port Authority for other ships that have to be taken into consideration.
  6. Terminal data from Hamburg, e.g. notifications regarding plan changes.