Further development of slot-booking process with Truck FIT proves successful

The slot-booking process for truck visits in the Port of Hamburg, which was further developed with the introduction of Truck FIT at the end of January, is showing the first signs of success.

The adjustment of the slot-booking process for truck handling at the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) terminals has already proven successful. Capacities can be better planned and managed as a result of the changes introduced with Truck FIT. “The ‘no-show rate’ at our terminals has fallen considerably in the few weeks since we introduced Truck FIT, and slot times are being used more efficiently,” explains Oliver Dux, Managing Director of HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder.

Since the end of January 2022, carriers have been automatically regulated if they book more slots than needed. During the regulation period, the carriers can only book a limited contingent of slots for container loading and unloading at the Hamburg HHLA terminals during peak times the following week. Slots can still be booked freely during off-peak times. The aim of the Truck FIT system is to make optimal use of available capacity and to ensure that all participants in the slot-booking process have an equal opportunity to plan and book slots.

The slot-booking process was introduced in the Port of Hamburg in 2017 to prevent bottlenecks at the terminals and to relieve the traffic situation. Further improvements are continually being made to the system: the next step is to provide an overview of the absolute slot figures at the Hamburg HHLA terminals accessible.