Future Day: Pupils explore exciting HHLA professions

For today's nationwide Future Day, 20 HHLA trainees and students accompanied more than 70 pupils from the 5th to 10th grades through HHLA and showed them the various professions in the commercial, industrial and technical fields. Due to the pandemic, the Future Days could not take place the last three years, so the number of applicants was correspondingly high this year.


Divided into twelve groups, the children and young people will explore HHLA at various stations after a joint welcome. All three container terminals, including their maintenance operations, as well as the container repair subsidiary HCCR, are supporting the campaign. Depending on the group, the pupils experience a varied mix of practical exercises and explanations by experienced employees and junior staff. “Due to the pandemic, the Future Days could not take place the past three years. We are all the more pleased that we can now make it possible again for the pupils to explore the various professions in the Port of Hamburg at first hand,” explains Michelle Meier, trainer at the HHLA technical school, who prepared the Future Day together with the organising team.

From soldering to programming a HHLA computer game to a container quiz, a range of exciting activities awaits the children and young people. “It is important that the children use this day for their career orientation to learn about other professions. It is also a great experience for our trainees and students to supervise this project,” says Meier. Within the framework of the nationwide Future Day, pupils are to be inspired above all for professions in the mathematical and scientific fields as well as IT.

HHLA has supported the nationwide Future Day for many years. It has since been an important part of HHLA's sustainability strategy and part of the company's social commitment.