HHLA creates space for new world in Miniatur Wunderland

There is a new highlight in the years-long collaboration between crowd-puller Miniatur Wunderland and HHLA Real Estate: After the construction of a canal bridge and the renovation of the new warehouse floors through the real estate subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, the world’s largest model train can now travel all the way to South America.

Miniatur Wunderland has significantly expanded its exhibition space in the Speicherstadt historical warehouse district. HHLA Real Estate renovated the floors in Block L, planned and constructed a 25-metre pedestrian bridge to create a direct, weatherproof route between the existing space in Block D and the expansion in Block L. This means the largest model train in the world can extend its tracks into a new continent. The trains now travel through miniature versions of Rio de Janeiro – next will be Pat-agonia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and the rainforest.

Rainer Schluff, Managing Director of HHLA Real Estate, is excited about the new attraction: “We have worked in trusting cooperation with Miniatur Wunderland for more than 20 years. It’s really great that we have now made it possible for them to expand their exhibition. The unique bridge over the canal that was built last year will make the biggest tourist attraction in Hamburg right in the middle of the Speicherstadt historical warehouse district even more impressive.”

Frederik Braun, founder of Miniatur Wunderland: “We are thrilled that HHLA came up with this idea, even if it has taken 15 years from conception to reality. We are happy that the first guests can take a trip on the quick route from Southern France to Rio de Janeiro.”

The bridge connection between the main part of Miniatur Wunderland in Block D and the new space in Block L that was established in 2020 can now be used. The pedestrian bridge was planned, con-structed, lifted in and mounted by HHLA Real Estate in agreement with the monument preservation office. The steel structure is fully glazed and anti-reflective along the walkway, so that the view into the Kehrwiederfleet is unobstructed on both sides. Because there is a difference in the height of the two buildings, the bridge runs at a slight decline from Block D to Warehouse L, where around 3,500 square metres of additional exhibition space were created for Miniatur Wunderland. Work is underway on the further, careful expansion of this warehouse block as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

High-resolution images of the opening of the new space and the canal bridge for your reports are available to download for free: Click here for download.


About HHLA Real Estate

As part of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG, HHLA Real Estate is responsible for building manage-ment and district development. Founded in 1885 for the construction of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt historical warehouse district, HHLA manages the historically unique collection of clinker-brick buildings through its Real Estate segment. It has also expanded its portfolio to include the Hamburg Fish Market and a number of commercial and logistics properties around the port. The focus in the Speicherstadt is on careful structural change and the sustainable further development of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. HHLA’s intelligent management of the Speicherstadt has transformed it from what was once the biggest warehouse complex in the world into a vibrant urban district.

Further information can be found at www.hhla.de/speicherstadt.