HHLA welcomes Hamburg's Senator for Economy Melanie Leonhard

On 9 February 2023, the new senator from Hamburg's Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Dr Melanie Leonhard, visited Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) in the Speicherstadt. HHLA's Executive Board welcomed the Senator and informed her about HHLA Group's strategy, which is aimed at growth and strengthening its future viability, as well as current projects.


"We are delighted to welcome Dr Leonhard at HHLA in her new role as Senator for Economy and Innovation. Today we had the chance to give Dr Leonhard a first insight into HHLA's activities. As a logistics service provider, we are working in the Port of Hamburg, at our European seaport terminals and in rail freight transport to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the future of logistics. We look forward to working with Dr Leonhard and wish her all the best," said Angela Titzrath, CEO of HHLA, after the visit.

Dr Melanie Leonhard, Senator of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, said: "Here in Hamburg's Speicherstadt, the link between tradition and modernity succeeds in a special way. Securing the location while at the same time expanding new and innovative business fields, integrating logistics chains and handling customer interests professionally make HHLA a strong player. It remains a major priority for the Senate to provide and maintain the necessary infrastructure so that the players between the port basin, quay edges and hinterland can operate efficiently."

During the visit at HHLA, Dr Melanie Leonhard also gained insights into the future-oriented projects of HHLA Next. In addition, the HHLA Executive Board provided information on key projects and developments aimed at strengthening the competitiveness and future viability of port handling and intermodal business. Another focus was on the implementation of HHLA's sustainability strategy.