HPC to optimize Rail Terminal of ALG Company in Kazakhstan

ALG Company (ALG), headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, has taken a bold step towards optimizing their rail terminal capacity to meet the growing demands of the evolving trade landscape. In response to changing trade routes and the rerouting of cargo due to recent geopolitical developments, ALG has selected HPC Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), a renowned intermodal terminal specialist, to review their current terminal concept and conduct a feasibility study for its optimization and development.

The ALG Terminal in Almaty currently plays a pivotal role in handling a diverse range of cargo, including 20 and 40-foot containers, cars, breakbulk, and large-size equipment. It also offers storage services in temporary storage warehouses and customs warehouses within a free zone. Recognizing the need to adapt to the shifting trade dynamics, ALG is committed to ensuring their terminal remains a major logistics hub.

Indira Tanirbergenova, CEO at ALG Company, underlines the importance of this collaboration, stating, “The changes in trade routes across the Middle Corridor connecting Asia with Europe overland, have led to increased demand for efficient rail trade infrastructure in Kazakhstan. We believe that by working closely with HPC, we can better position ourselves to meet these demands and contribute to the growth of our region's trade activities.”

Due to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the middle corridor is set to benefit significantly from increased volumes passing through Kazakhstan – which formerly were transported through Russia. This strategic location underscores the critical role that ALG can play in facilitating trade along the middle route. At the same time demand is increasing in the Almaty region as well as neighbouring countries.

HPC has been tasked with developing a comprehensive planning framework that includes a concept revision. This revision entails operational data analysis, market analysis, and volume forecasting. Furthermore, it involves a meticulous review of the current terminal concept, dwell times, train schedules, gate processes, loading and unloading processes, and storage capacities. Following this analysis, HPC has developed an operational concept that presents various development options and operational refinements to meet ALG Company's evolving needs.

Frank Busse, Partner and VP Europe at HPC, emphasizes the significance of local context in their planning approach, stating, “Understanding the local framework conditions and existing planning is essential to develop viable concepts. Our goal is to provide ALG with a range of options that will empower them to make informed decisions regarding the future development of their rail terminal.”

HPC has a proven track record of developing intermodal rail terminals worldwide, having successfully completed approximately 130 projects in this specialized field. By leveraging their expertise in analysing, forecasting, simulating, and master planning environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure, HPC has consistently delivered innovative and efficient solutions. Their commitment to sustainable logistics aligns seamlessly with ALG's aspirations for their terminal's future.

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